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Rotary's RED BADGE program has been used by clubs nationwide to introduce new members to their clubs.

The Rotary Club of Bay City began their RED BADGE program in February 2018.

Under this program new members are recognized by the red NEW MEMBER sticker on their name badges. These members are given five simple tasks to complete over the next few months. When those have been checked off, the new member is recognized at a club meeting and the sticker is removed from the name baadge.

The Simple 5

  1. Attend a board meeting for the Bay City Rotary Club. The board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 11:00 am, the hour before the regular meeting.

  2. Join, and attend the meetings of, any Bay City Rotary Club committee. This could be a standing committee or a onetime committee.

  3. Be a Greeter, Lunch money taker or 50/50 ticket seller for one month. Sign up sheets are passed around every month.

  4. Complete a Rotary make up by attending another club's meeting, or making up on-line at E-Club 1.

  5. Donate to the Rotary International Foundation in any amount.
A checklist PDF can be downloaded and printed at RedBadge-Checklist.pdf