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Rotary Club of Bay City
Rotary Outstanding Service & Excellence Award

ROSE Award Honors Bay City Rotarians Who Make An Impact

First Women of Rotary Class 3/28/2008


During his Presidential Year 2008-09, Rob Clark was credited with creating the Rotary Outstanding Service & Excellance (ROSE) award to honor a member of the club who exemplified the meaning of being a Rotarian. The first ROSE was presented to Cindy Chadwick at the March 28, 2008 Women of Rotary dinner held to honor the women of the club. Each of the club's women was presented with a special Rose Pin to commorate that event.

This was aparrently not the first ROSE. From the July 16, 2006 Breezes we read
"ROSES: To Chuck Cusick for heading up the literacy development program, dictionaries for elementary students; Barb Fisher for exchange student work; Griff Acker for Vocational Days (150 students hosted), the International Night committee; Brian Kay for the golf outing; Anne Trahan and Rob Clark for the flower garden in Veterans Park."
It's not clear that this refered to a ROSE Award as created by Rob Clark in 2008, but the Breeses did use the word ROSES.

In the years that followed that first, 2008, Women of Rotary dinner, the tradition of the ROSE Award was continued with the award being presented at the club's Homecoming Day.

ROSE Awards have been presented to the following:
  1. Cindy Chadwick - March, 2008
  2. Linda Heemstra - February, 2009
  3. Ed Keating - November, 2009
  4. Andrea Hales - July, 2011
  5. Dee Dee Wacksman - November, 2012
  6. Chuck Cusick - November, 2014
  7. Brenda Scramlin - November, 2015
  8. Lee Newton - April, 2016
  9. Rob Clark - special ROSE on the occassion of his moving from the area, April, 2016
  10. Tim Holsworth - May, 2018

Again researching the Breezes, we find the following history of the ROSE Award:
  • March 28, 2008
    Special Rose pins were presented to all of the Women of Rotary who were in attendance. Nancy Cusick, wife of Chuck Cusick and a long time polio volunteer, was honored for her service to Rotary, as was District Governor Pam Harkema. Bobbie Anker, widow of past President Don Anker, was made an honorary member of the club.

    A special award was created for this occasion and named the Rose Award. The first recipient was Cindy Chadwick, past President, Sargent at Arms, and very active member.

    April 4, 2008 The men of the Bay City Rotary Club held a special appreciation dinner last week for the Women of Rotary. Women were first inducted into the formally all-male organization only 20 years ago.

    Linda Heemstra, who with Joy Gaasch, was one of the first two women in the Bay City Club brought her original Rotary lapel pin to the meeting. This is a rare pin because when Cindy Chadwick was inducted she felt (insisted) that women should have the same pin as the men. And so it has been ever since!

    The men presented special "Rose Pins" to the women of the club at the dinner. Pins were presented today to some of the women who were unable to attend the dinner.

  • February 3, 2009 This year the ROSE award was presented to Linda Heemstra, another outstanding Woman and one of the first two women in the Bay City club. Linda spent a career with the Bay County Library System before retiring as the system's Director several years ago. Linda has dedicated herself to service through Rotary and many other community organizations. Well known and highly respected, Linda is truly an Outstanding and Excellent Woman of Rotary.

  • November 29, 2009 The third annual Rotary Outstanding Service and Excellence Award was presented to Ed Keating. Ed has exemplified the meaning of Rotary Four Avenues of Service. For the past three years Ed has chaired the Program Committee and has been instrumental in bringing some of the excellent speakers, including Lloyd Carr to speak at the District Conference. Ed is also the Club President Elect for 2011-2012.

  • July 5, 2011 Rob Clark presented the 4th annual Rotary Outstanding Service and Excellence (ROSE) award to Andrea Hales. The award embodies the motto Service Above Self. Previous winners were Cindy Chadwick, Linda Heemstra and Ed Keating. Andrea Hales represents service to the community, the club and the world through her membership and her spirit. Andrea has repeatedly led efforts related to fund raising, event planning, and more recently our Youth Exchange program. She has put a spark into the Sargent at Arms position and is one of the first smiling faces you see at each meeting

  • November 20, 2012 Rob Clark presented the 2012 ROSE (Rotary Outstanding Service and Excellency) Award to Dee Dee Wacksman. The award recognizes that Dee Dee has "gone above and beyond to make a positive difference in our club and our community".

  • November 25, 2014 A highlight of the Rotary year is the presentation of the Rotary Outstanding Service and Excellence (ROSE) award, which is given to a member of the Bay City Club whose service is above and beyond. The 2014 award was presented to Chuck Cusick who, with his wife Nancy, has traveled the world participating in Rotary immunization programs and other events. Chuck is well known in the district for his "Rotary 101" courses about the Rotary Foundation and the opportunities for service.

  • November 24, 2015 Homecoming is also the occasion for the presentation of the Rotary Outstanding Service and Excellence (ROSE) award. Each year the club honors one Rotarian who has shown the spirit of Rotary in their life and their service to the community and the club. This year's ROSE went to current Club President Brenda Scramlin. Since joining the club, Brenda has shown all of those qualities that make her the type of member that deserves the ROSE and the recognition of the club.

  • April 26, 2016 Newsman Rob Clark, marking his last meeting at Bay City Rotary, had turned the responsibility for selecting the ROSE recipient over to past president Ron Bloomfield. Bloomfield, in turn, presented this year's ROSE award to Rotarian Dr. Lee Newton. Bloomfield then presented a surprise ROSE to Clark, who had created the award in 2008.

  • May 29, 2018 Past President Tim Holsworth was presented with the annual "Rotary Outstanding Service and Excellence" (ROSE) award at Tuesday's meeting. Tim has been a member for 27 years. He's served in numerous positions, including President in the 2002-03 Rotary year. Tim has shown his loyalty and dedication to Rotary and the Bay City club and well deserves this recognition. He becomes the 10th recipient of the Club's ROSE award.

Newsman Rob Clark, credited with creating Bay City Rotary's ROSE Award, marked his last meeting at Bay City Rotary on April 26, 2016 before relocating to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Past President Ron Bloomfield presented Rob with a special ROSE on that final day. Clark had also been honored as a "Rotary Hero" at the district conference that year for "steadfast service." In January 2018 Clark returned to Bay City and rejoined the Bay City Club.