Bay City Noon Rotary Club
The New Rotary Breezes, Issue #3, 7-16-19
Salutations and well wishes my fellow Rotarians!!
Here are the highlights from our July, 16th, 2019 meeting.

From the Podium 

Our esteemed President, Tara Welch, reminded the club about the proposal which would change the time of club's monthly board meeting. Instead of having the board meeting an hour before the regular meeting, it was suggested that we have three regular meetings a month and then the board meeting instead of a regular meeting. Then, members could gather for a Rotary social later that evening at a designated location in lieu of having to attend a noon meeting. The proposal will be further explored at the next board meeting.

Tara also reminded the club that volunteers were needed to help organize a planned Rotary picnic social in August. There was also a reminder that the price of our Rotary lunch had gone up to $13 if you haven't pre-paid.
Tall Ships Are On the Way!!

For the 50/50 drawing Rob Clark had brought in two sets of Tall Ships passes to raffle off. Yay Rob!! What a great way to promote Tall Ships and bring a little happiness to someone's weekend!! 
Oh, and Rob (being Mr. Sugar himself), happened to mention that the Cream & Sugar Ice Cream Company would have a pop-up stand outside their new location in Uptown Bay City (across from the Marriott under Michigan Sugar's offices) during the Tall Ships tour for people to sample four of their great tasting flavors before the store opens. 

Rotary Announcements 
Tim Holsworth, our resident golf enthusiast and Annual Golf Outing organizer, thanked the numerous sponsors who supported this year's event. Reading from an extensive list, Tim acknowledged each person and company. A few deserving mentions were: Wildfire Credit Union (Title Sponsor), Michigan Sugar (I-Pad Raffle), MCI Insurance (Mulligan Sponsor), Bay Eye Care (19th Hole Sponsor), and Penzien Steele Funeral Home (Breakfast Sponsor). 
Approximately two dozen Tour, Hole, Dino, and Cart Sponsors were individually named as well.
The Bay Area YMCA will be the non-profit organization recipient of the check. A date for the presentation of the check will be announced shortly. 
Club Runner Training
As planned, Tara prepared for the first group training session for Club Runner. Before doing so however, Tara announced that she; Carrie Strohkirch; and Paul Wiese would be giving a "5-Minute Rotarian" to remind the club of who they are and what is important to them. Each of them presented themselves in a positive light, and proved why they are our current club leaders.
Then Tara began the Club Runner training session highlighting how to change your profile picture, change personal information, check your account balance, keep track of your correspondence, look up and communicate with other members, and how to find/read The New Rotary Breezes. She then took questions from the club.
A video taken during the presentation will be available soon on Club Runner for those who need a reminder or that could not make it.
After the presentation Tara also mentioned Tall Ships, and encouraged everyone to go.
Upcoming Presentations
July 23rd - Eric Jylha speaks about WWII 
July 30th - Junior League of the GLBR Annual Festival of Trees
August 6th - Morning Rotary Driathlon
More programs are needed. If you, or some one you know, who like to give a presentation please contact Tara, Carrie, or Paul.
Upcoming Meeting Location Changes
July 30th - Courtyard by Marriott 
September 17th - location to be determined
NO meetings on December 24th or 31st due to the holidays.
Well, that's it for this addition of The New Rotary Breezes everyone!! I hope you enjoyed it!!
Until next time, enjoy all that Bay City has going on with Tall Ships and have a great weekend!!
Russell Hampton
ClubRunner Mobile